kids baby pineapple halloween costume

Halloween is just around the corner and even though we don’t get too into this holiday it’s always fun to dress up.

My very first handmade business started when I made my step brother a fleece Mario hat for his birthday. He had gotten his first Nintendo DS and was a huge Super Mario Brothers fan. Soon after that we set up shop on etsy. We opened in June 2009 and I sold my first hat on my son’s birthday. We offered them all year round but we always had the most sales during Halloween.

Mario Hat costume kids handmade halloween

Kids Costume Mario Hat

Almost every year I make my kids some kind of Halloween costume. Usually its the night before or day of Halloween so it’s not too impressive. This year I got a head start and made fruit themed Halloween costumes. When it comes to Halloween costumes the simple ones are always my favorite. I like to dress up pieces we already own or are easy to find at a thrift store. Accessories are key. With a just a few craft supplies and the right accessories you can turn a basic shirt or dress into a awesome Halloween costume.

Our first fruit costume is a pineapple. Pineapples are quite popular and I’ve seen them everywhere this summer so my brain often thinks pineapple.

kids baby pineapple halloween costume

Pineapple Romper Shortie

For this costume we used our favorite romper pattern and made it in a bright yellow with a little bit of green. We free hand the lines with fabric paint and a ruler, which got a bit messy. I’d use tape  if you want clean crisp lines. Lastly we topped off our pineapple costume with a construction paper crown. Costume complete. Wasn’t that easy!

baby toddler pineapple costume

Our little pineapple

Of course you don’t have to know how to sew to make your little one an awesome Halloween Costume. For a no sew version check it out here —–>>> Handmade Pineapple Costume by Lines Across They used a onesie, but I can also see this technique used on a dress. 🙂

No sew version, just as cute twice as simple

Visit us next week  for our super simple strawberry Halloween costume.


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