I love harem pants!

Well not for myself but YES for my baby boy. At first I thought they were really weird but now they are my favorite kind of pants for my little dude. Harem pants are perfect for toddlers and babies. They have tons of room in the diaper area but are slim in the legs and when they are made out of knit they are super soft and comfy.

There are all kinds of harem pants out there, but my favorite style is based on Korean Children’s fashion.

korean fashion harem pants

Blue and Grey Camo Harems

My little guy in blue and grey army camo harems


My Oldest sporting cropped harems for Valentine’s Day


and my little cutie wearing his “goes with everything” blue harem pants to the mall 🙂

I even make them as shorts when I’m lazy and short on fabric. It’s hot in Hawaii anyway so we can always use a new pair of shorts 🙂

harem shorts

So give harems a try. You might just fall in love.

And if you’re a bit crafty sew some up your self with this free harem pants pattern. 🙂




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